Look at me!

Janet was kind enough to take headshots of the cast for the fall show. Here are some of the digital shots from my session:

Man... that burrito looks so good.... I could go for a burrito right now.

Oh man, is that a burrito? For me?!?

Shhhh! I am NINJA!

Then we got bored, and started taking group pictures for the website:
Janet is being shunned. For being Canadian.

Scott is being gross. I am being grossed out. Janet and Simon are Neanderthals, and Kelvin really wants world peace.


michaelgolamco said...

I can see many photoshopping opportunities for your "hiding" pic.... MANY

sasstastic said...

If you do it I will post it on my blog. :)

Kelvin said...

Every picture needs a straight man.

sasstastic said...

You are as straight as they come.