Making myself better.

I've been trying really hard to be more honest with people. I don't know if people are appreciating it, but it's making me feel a lot better for myself. I want to make honesty a habit.


Big Changes

I'm completing the N-400 US Naturalization Form for US Citizenship. Question D: Name Change.

Any suggestions?


Ring in the new year.

All those letter spelling hands were sticky with champagne two hours later.



I like anything that makes science look cool. Because science IS cool! You there, you jerk jock, you shut up!


I've lost my phone. Again.


Don't call it if you need to contact me. Contact me via one of the other ways I can be contacted.

Speaking of contacting me, I put that on these contact cards that I had made for myself, and my cards ended up really dirty sounding! Like I was a call girl and it was my business card. It probably didn't help that the cool red wave design I chose for the background looks like a satin bedsheet.

New Resolution: I must stop getting myself into these awkward situations.