I love me some bullet points.

1. For those of you who want to comment on my blog but feel you can't because you have no blogger ID (ahem, ahem, Ms Suh), feel free to reply as anonymous and identify yourself in the body of the text. Or leave it blank, so we can play guessing games.

2. Thank you to Spiffy for capturing on film two pretty important moments in my life:

A. My family at my graduation. Although I do wish we were smart enough to do this in a place where their faces were lit. Because they do have such pretty faces, the Tongs.

B. Me meeting one of my heroines.

Good things.

Congratulate me, as I have officially passed all of this quarter's classes, and therefore am officially graduated from the UCLA School of Letter and Sciences with a B.A. in Psychology. W00t!

My plans this summer include:
-Shortening my "To Read" List considerably. (More on that in a later post)
-Beach bonfires.
-Camping in Yosemite.
-Weekend getaway to Carmel Valley.
-Las Vegas birthdays.
-Visiting the beach at least once every other week.
-Writing for the sake of writing.
-Making good use of my Disneyland Annual Pass before it expires. Especially making good use of it with good friends. Anyone? Anyone?


Wigging Out.

I wig out from time to time. Not the good wigging out, like "Time Warp" wigging out. Wigging out like, "Strongbad getting the jibblies" wigging out. When life is really good, like it is for me right now, being reminded of when life was really bad makes me wig out.

It happens from time to time. No one's fault. Just know, that if I suddenly need to take a walk at three in the morning, or feel like I have to take a cab home, don't worry. It's not you. It's just me a-wigging. Let me do my thing, and I apologize if anyone gets wiggy because I'm getting wiggy.

Wiggity-wig-wig-wig. Gettin' wiggy with it.

...Ok, I'm done.



Effin Family, man.

I am currently hanging out with the familia in Long Beach. Comments overhead:

"Can you buy me a saxophone?" (My brother, the jazz musician. He got all the music talent in the family. However, I find it interesting that he'd turn to his broke-just-out-of-college sister for a $2000 saxophone instead of the parentals. Sometimes you need someone in your life who's not constantly thinking everything in terms of how it will help your GPA.)

"Did you lose weight?" (I've lost five pounds since the last time my uncle saw me. Last I saw him, it was "Wow. You look kinda big." Thanks Uncle Oeuy. I appreciate that. Bastard.)

I've been more irritated in the past six hours than I have been through the entirety of Finals Week. I snapped at people at least twice, and each time it happened, I got a look from my mom. You know, the 'I can't believe my daughter is so rude' look. My family has a knack for brining out the worst in me.

However, in the past six hours it hit me that I'm graduating. Sixteen years of school behind me, and I didn't start to get really excited until I saw my family congratulating me, telling me how proud they were of me, for doing something no one else in our family has done. It makes a person feel kinda good. Almost good enough to forget that they're trying to get you to move back home with promises of "It'll save you money," and laments of "But we're lonely without our kids!"


My rep.

I recently found out that I have a reputation. It's not even a cool reputation, like "Girl who kicks most ass in a bar fight," or a scandalous one like "Most likely to have crazy make outs while drunk."

I have a "Hates to have people touching her" reputation.

I'm not quite sure if I should be insulted or flattered. If anything, I'm confused because it's somewhat erroneous. It's a title given to me by a very friendly, very physical asian american theatre group. I'm think that their social behavior is not indicative of the majority of the American population (and it's certainly not indictive of the majority of Asian Americans... it might be indicative of the majority of theatre people though. Those people are FRIENDLY). I really don't think there's any merit to what they're saying.

I love people! I'm very friendly! I love hugs and noogies. Yeah, I weird out when people try to give me massages, or when they try to touch my hands, or if they try to hug me without giving me prior notice. And man, I hate tickling. HATE IT. I will deck anyone who tries to tickle me.

...I may have a slight problem with comfort zones.



Things keeping me from focusing on my pending Psych 110 Final (t-minus twelve hours):
1. Chess. Owning a hamster is too much fun! We frolicked on my bed and I gave her a new toy. It's a Nut Knot Nibbler; basically it's a tangle of mini-Lincoln Logs with a nut in the middle. She's supposed to chew through to get to the nut. I figured she needs to start working to get to her food (girl is going from PHAT to FAT), but she took one look at the Nibbler and walked straight for her food bowl. Curses, foiled again!

2. Seanbaby.com. I'm not linking this because I want to save you from my fate. Damn you Mike Golamco! Damn you and your random facts about Hostess fruit pies! Damn you for telling me about this during Finals Week! ARRRRGH!!!! Too...entertaining.... Must... close... browser.......

3. Carol. I haven't seen said roommate in about two months (excluding the show, which she always faithfully attends), so we're catching up BIG TIME. Of course, this involves plenty of talking and eating and tea-making and Friends reruns watching.

4. My apartment. What with the rehearsals, the show, banquets, beach day, work, and finals studying, the past few weeks has me coming into my apartment just to change and drop shit off. I took a good look at my place today and saw the biggest mess my apartment has ever been in since the last time Eric visited. (He's a pig.) My fingers ITCHED. I really, really, REALLY wanted to clean the apartment. I humored myself by doing laundry and going through my loose papers (you know, to throw away the unimportant stuff such as old receipts, bruinwalk flyers, the communist manifesto).

5. This blog. It never fails. Any time I have a deadline or an exam, I find myself doing this exhaustive posts that probably no one will read all the way through just because I can't seem to bring myself to do what I need to do.
Um, yeah. I uh, I should go study for that final, huh?


Ten weeks in ten sentences.

LCC was pretty amazing this quarter. I loved the script I was working with, thanks to this guy, and I loved my cast:

They did such a great job. If you didn't get to see them in action, or didn't get it the first time around, here it is again.

It was my last quarter with LCC, so Janet played my substitute boyfriend and got me a flower. Here I am basking in the glow of her love:

Our theme for banquet was "Game Characters vs. Film Noir." Here are two of the five people who dressed up as film noir:

Here are the people who joined the group the same time I did. I love these guys so much, I would walk on fire for them.

There were so many things that happened during my time with LCC and I am so sad that I wasn't able to chronicle every moment. I really can't imagine UCLA without the people that I met through this group and really grew to love. I can honestly look back on my time in college and say "That was the best four years of my life" and my LCC pals really had a lot to do with that. Thanks for the memories guys.

I hate blogger.com

So there have been a lack of posts because Blogger somehow manages to fuck up whenever I am trying to post an entry or add pictures to an entry. Believe you me, stuff has been happening in my life that I want to chronicle: my last Mentorship event of the year, my last LCC Show, banquets, new roommates, graduation. I am frustrated, to say the least. Hopefully Blogger doesn't fuck this post up too.

Damn you blogspot! Damn you!