Boob toob.

I walked out into the empty living room and there was porn playing on the tv.  WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.


Hit and Miss

The past month in Stockton has been nothing but a series of eye-opening mini epiphanies.  Revelations include the opening of Java Aroma's second branch in the former location of the old Stockton Royal Theatre on Miracle Mile.  These days, if I want to see a movie I have to go to the Octoplex on West Lane or the Multiplex downtown.  Stockton also celebrated the grand openings of a BJ's, Borders, Lollicup and Panda Express- all things that I had long associated with Los Angeles.  

Apparently everything that has changed in Stockton in the past five years can be visually reduced to a collage of my childhood memories papered over with newspaper inserts of chain outlet advertisements.