Gifts from Japan.

Eric got me some really cool gifts from Japan. I asked for lots of different pocky, and he delivered.

Chocolate mousse pocky. This is my favorite pocky that I can get in the states.

Milk and honey pocky. It's delicious.

Grape pocky. I haven't tried it yet, but I feel like this may be a miss.

I'm REALLY looking forward to eating this chocolate centered/chocolate coated pocky. In fact....

This was unexpectedly wonderful. It was earthy and sesame-y. Apparently it's a mix of 5 "black" flavors: black sesame, black rice, black bean, black pine seed, and black Chinese quince. I like the word quince- it'd be the name of the kid who gets picked on all the time on the playground but will grow up to become world famous and hot (you know, like Lenny Kravitz).

I don't think I like the decore line of pocky too much-it tastes like trans fats and coats the roof of my mouth. But it did taste very appley.

I'm looking forward to this one as much as I'm looking forward to asparagus toothpaste. ewww.

Like the black pocky, this pocky is made of five fruits: Peach, Apricot, Jujube Date , Ume, Chestnut. I'm not quite sure what Ume or Jujube are, but they sound DELICIOUS.

I HATE green tea. I'm looking to give this to someone. Any takers?

This isn't a pocky. Eric got this because it kinda looks like Chess with no arms. I think it's a mole rat of some kind. Anyone out there know?

Thanks Eric!


Michael said...

Golden mole perhaps?


sasstastic said...

it's really cute, furry lard! awwwww....

Yumi said...

Green tea pocky! I want green tea pocky! I love green tea!

In Thailand, they have Pocky only the box is written in Thai script. I should have gotten some of that.

In Singapore, they sell imitation Pocky called Jocky. LAAAME.

sasstastic said...

I will save you green tea pocky for your return. I will also save you a punch in the face for being away so long!

deepfrieddizzle said...

Isn't there also "Chocky"?

you me said...

Wonderful! It'll be a nice change from all the canings. Yeah, SUCK IT SINGAPOR--- owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Chocky, Blocky, Socky, Rocky---- the imitation Pocky brands never end. But there is only one Pocky. Pocky, mother of us all.

Wonky said...

Oh god, I love kurogama (black sesame) pocky. I always have to grab a box at the j-markets. Lemon cheesecake is good too.
PS. Ume is a tpye of plum and jujube is chinese date.