Learning curve.

I am a very trustful person.  My philosophy?  Trust a person until they give you a reason not to trust them.  It was a world view that was endorsed by my parents, and they live very happy lives with several wonderful close friends and family members to lend credence to the validity of this idea.  

I've been burned a couple times- a few roommates dent my car, a few buddies don't pay back money owed- but nothing as to make me genuinely regret living my life so recklessly.  

Until tonight.  

Should I have lent a near complete stranger my ID so that his underaged friend could get into O'haras?  Probably not.  However, he seemed trustworthy enough, and even left his wallet in my care as collateral.  I expected him back within minutes, with my ID and his thankful friend in tow.  After about twenty minutes, the crew wanted to leave, and so I went to track him down to get my ID back.  Obviously his friend flaked;  if she wants to get in later, she'll have to find another ID to use.  

He refuses my multiple requests to give me back my ID, saying only that he is trying to contact his friend.  "Dude, your friend is just going to have to find another ID to pawn off as her own." "I am trying to help you out here." "Wait, what?  You don't have my ID?" "...No."  

Apparently he gave my ID to his friend and walked off.  I suppose he assumed that the friend would be able to find me based on the highly miscolored and dated photo of me on the license.  He probably should have realized that his friend would go home with one of the frat boys celebrating Generic Sport Game Victory.  What with all the moaning and groaning, she can't hear his phone ring and rendezvous with us to return my license.  At this point I am a little upset.  

"You mean to tell me that you were irresponsible enough to let someone walk off with the ID of the person who is in possession of your entire wallet?  How much of an idiot are you?  You find my license NOW.  There is no excuse for such stupidity, such lack of responsibility, such absence of follow through- No, I will not calm down.  No, you shut up!  You have no right to try and shush me you fucking idiot!" 

Lydia Ma is a godsend.  She got me to calm down, she got Fucking Idiot to calm down. At this point, she negotiated a deal.  Fucking Idiot will give me his ID and passport (he is an exchange student from Spain).  I will hold these items hostage until he presents me with my ID.  Off I went to fume at Brew Co (where I subsequently lost my favorite jacket a few hours after this ID debacle).  The rest of the night was spent speculating about what I'd do with the money I could make selling Fucking Idiot's passport and ID.   

Luckily for him, he managed to recover my ID and find us before we left for home.  It turns out that Fucking Idiot was actually a kind of nice guy who is an excellent friend to his friends.  

But yeah, that's the last time I lend my driver's license to a foreign stranger in an attempt to aid and abet the corruption of a minor.  Just can't trust people to follow through in this situation.