Sassy Car Review: Yaris/Scion xA

I'm reviewing these two cars together because 1) They're both made by Toyota and 2) they have the same drive train, the same guts.

The Toyota Yaris was made for little people. I don't mean that in the, "clinically diagnosed with some form of dwarfism" little people. Just, you know, little. Like me. Usually when I sit in a car, I have to kind of perch on the edge so that my knee can bend over the edge of seat and I can reach the pedals. I didn't have to do that for this sedan.

This is bad if you happen to be taller than 5 feet, 2 inches.

The younger feeling Scion xA was a little roomier, but drove a little worse than the Yaris. This is probably because the xA is a bit bigger, a bit more spacious than its cousin. It made chocking noises as I accelerated into a turn. Also, despite the image that Toyota was going for this car, I don't think it looks or feels young and hip. It kinda looks like Quasi-turtle. I think this car was the least favorite of all the cars I test drove.

Except for the Aveo. Man, fuck that car.


Sassy Car Review: Aveo

Background: I rented a car for my fun-filled Holiday Weekend With the Bro. The agenda included Disneyland, The Grove, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and other assorted points of interest. I am in the market for a subcompact, so I thought that this was a good opportunity to test drive a small car.

I regret this decision now.

Anything that shakes at 60 mph and shudders when a Honda Civic zooms by is not a safe car. Especially if it is displaying all these symptoms with only 40 000 miles to its name. Also, the car would sound a loud CLUNK at the most inopportune times: for example, when I am changing lanes on 110-S in front of a semi. It would like driving the Little Car that Could, except it couldn't.

Don't buy a Chevy Aveo. Also, disown all and any family and friends who own a Chevy Aveo.

...Yeah, I'm not getting a Chevy Aveo. Piece of crap car.


Car shopping.

I have officially obtained a car loan. I am now seriously looking for a car.

This is a pretty adult thing. Why does it make me want to jump up and down like a wee girl?

Anyways, expect Two-Knives to be cruising around in her own wheels by end of March.


Mon frere.

My brother is coming in for President's Day weekend. I'm trying to think of wholesome family-type stuff to do with him for three days, and I'm kinda drawing a blank. He really likes music-does anyone know any fun, music things that a seventeen year old would like?



I have a lot of posts that are listed as drafts. They were never posted, for one reason or another. Going back and reading them gave me all sorts of weird feelings. I wonder what was going through my head at the times that the posts were started. I wonder why I stopped. I wonder if any of this is still important, relevant. A la the fragments of Sapphos, I am going to post them all here, in no particular order.

I really like "Paperback Writer," by The Beatles. It's got everything I need: a catchy tune I can dance to, a chorus that I can sing, and lyrics that appeal to the

My sister and I used to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn (i.e. five thirty in the morning) to watch this awesome cartoon "Sailor Moon." I think that was the only reason I made it to school every day on time- once KTLA stopped broadcasting the anime my attendance went to the pits.

Someone actually took the time to upload all 200 episodes of the Sailor Moon series (including the elusive fifth season, which was never dubbed for the American public, probably due to the three gender-bending special guest characters). I think I may have gotten up once to pee this entire weekend. Otherwise I

Someone asked me recently, "Kim, aren't you about due another relationship?" To which I replied, "There's a time schedule for this type of stuff?"

1. I will not wash your car. If you have given me rides in the past, I will be more than happy to help pay for gas. I will take it in for an oil change for you. I will even pay for the car wash, if it needs it. But I will not wash your car.

2. I will not babysit your children. I will throw the baby shower. I will buy cute little outfits that say cute little things like "Someday I'll get trashed at prom" or "Mother sucker." And if (god forbid) you can't have kids, I will bear the child for you. But I will not babysit your children.

Things I learned while in line for the Nintendo Wii at 3 o'clock in the morning:
  1. Even concrete is comfortable enough to sleep on after a busy day.

This Saturday I had the first Mentorship event of the year (yay!) the second LCC show of the fall quarter, and the LCC afterparty. I was on my feet for about 14 hours straight.

I think best friends were the most awesome thing ever invented. In high school, I had a really tight group of girls whom I absolutely loved.

Post about guy friends

One of my fondest memories of dear old mom is garage karaoke night. My parents had a karaoke system set up in our garage and, let me tell you, it was no passing fancy. Karaoke in our house was a passionate love affair complete with seranades and mood lighting. We have an impressive collection of Cambodian dvds and laser discs (yes, that's how long they've been doing the karaoke thing) and speakers are carefully arranged to give the karaoke-ist the full rock-out-loud-Khmer-style

I think I enjoy directing so much more than acting for the same reasons that I think I will enjoy parenting. I am a firm believer in the "do as I say, not as I do" school of thought.

People are not born dissatisfied.


RIP Punchy

Before I left to start my day today, i noticed Punchy trying to escape her tub. I then noticed that she was getting awfully big, and made a note to escape proof her tub accordingly. In between getting dim sum and attending a lindy swing class, she managed to escape her tub and kill herself. I found her in my roommate's trashcan. I'm trying to figure out what happened. Did she fall in and die on impact? Did she eat something poisonous in the trashcan? Did she eat something poisonous, and then, in her reduced state, fall in the trashcan and die on impact?

I'm a little sad that Punchy is gone, but it's not Chess-sized sad. For one, I didn't own Punchy for as long-mere months. For another, Punchy was a biter. Of everything. Wood, fingers, plastic tubes. She drew blood on a regular basis. However, I am sad. I feel like the Era of the Hamster has come to a close. Gone are the plastic tubs, the colored tubes, the cut wood homes. I tossed all the aspen bedding, and the hamster balls. The apartment is a little bit more empty, a little bit more sterile.

Lindy hop.

If anyone is interested in free lindy swing dance lessons (2:00-3:00 every Sunday in February) please let me know. They're originally forty dollars for a series of four classes- the last one just happened this Superbowl Sunday, so if you think you can make it to the other three, it could be a lot of fun to learn to lindy together. :)