Stockton Holidays, Part Deux

The rest of the Stockton vacation was a lot of TV watching with the kids. I dunno, all this Christmas cheer really weighs a person down- by December 24, everyone in the family voted for The Mummy Returns over every other vaguely Christmas themed movie available. I took a break from family one evening to hang with some old IB friends-

The lovely Christopher and his friend Bobby. No more Iraq for you buddy! You pump that fist!

Christy made special cookies for us.

Look! This one is mine!

I'm delicious!

Courtney made a very special cookie: If you've been hiding in a box for the last week or so,here's the inspiration.

The best part: Christy made some awesome Christmas gifts from the Veteran's Day Weekend (W00t!) Extravaganza.


Up in the Stock-TOWN.

I am currently in my hometown. I am sitting in the coffee shop that I used to hang out at with my high school friends. I don't order white chocolate mochas anymore- instead I'm sipping on a soy latte. I don't sit around gossiping with the gals anymore- instead I'm sitting in a corner, updating my blog:
The old hangout.

The rest of the trip has been pretty good so far. Check it out:

On I-5 we passed a bus that was converted by a hippie. You could tell because the driver had long hair and was rebelling against the structured, and tragically flawed education system by christening his ride the "Fool Bus."

My cousin's new shirt is cool. He got it as a present. Guess who gave it to him?!

About half of the family went bowling. The scores ranged from 14-150. High score belongs to Roznee, second from the left. She kinda owned.

The family is captivated by High School Musical.
A group of high school kids just walked into the cafe and ordered a round of white chocolate mochas. It feels very appropriate.

More to come.


Mike wearing a flower.

Mike G. sent this picture into Cute Overload a while back. It actually got posted too!

It then inspired this picture.



I like the mac/pc ads.

I like that they match Apple in how very crisp, clean and to the point they are with content and intent. That, and I like that the hip, young guy they hired to represent hip, young Mac is best known for a role in which he is a nerd. And second best known for a role in which he is a big nerd.

However, I realized that I don't use any of the iLife features that are touted so prominently in these ads. I was neglecting the very things that apparently make Macs so young and hip. But, hey! I'm young and hip! I should totally be using these applications!

So I am teaching myself to use iMovie and stuff. I'll post results here as I try to prove that I'm still "with it." And "down with the times." And, um, well, you know. All the other jargon we tragically cool use.

...I'm a bigger nerd than Justin Long.


I'll stitch you!

I've been in a making mood. I bought myself yarn so that I could learn how to crochet. I bought a canvas and am painting some portraits. There are adhesives to stick pretty plates to my walls and paper crane folding for ceiling decoration.

This domesticity is starting to get to me. So it is appropriate that I take some joy from Subversive Cross Stich. My personal favorite:

A close second, but only because of my occupation:

A perfect gift for the whiny and disenchanted in the your life!

Before and afters.

I'm having a lot of fun with my new camera. I especially like the paint fuction. Here are some creations from earlier this week:
From normal....

To evil! And pissed about something. I think Lydia's irritated with the devil. Which is me.

From commonly...
To kingly! I have painted bling!

From same ol' Rubios salsa cup....
To potted Christmas tree!

From humbug...
To Santa-stic!