Inexplicable obsessions.

I am currently in love with Jimi Hendrix. I've tried several times over the past week to explain it to several friends, and the best I could articulate was "He's just, wow, you know? And, yeah. Uh."

It doesn't do Jimi Hendrix justice.

Mike G linked to this awesome seal generating website. I made this one to test the product:

I think I'm going to have a lot of fun with this.

Still obsessed with 1996. Rewatching Buffy while listening to my Spice Girl Albums. I don't look forward to the life in which I talk with people who don't remember life before "Zig-a-zig-ah!" You know, like how people try to talk to me about Silver Spoons.


What the?

Pho place out on Western. I've never eaten at this place, but I feel like it would be a grave injustice if the waitresses weren't dressed as car show models and the busboys as um, car show model oglers?

The retiling job in my apartment is starting to piss me off. I came home and there was a layer of dust (from pulling up the carpeting) on EVERYTHING. My clean dishes draining in the rack, my couch, my toothbrush, even the hammies were all dusty! Boo! I want this to be over!


I now work from 7:30-4:30 so that I can take advantage of a carpool. It's nice to have the afternoons and evenings to myself, although I find I tend to doze around 10:30. Janet summed it up pretty well when she said, "There goes your social life."


Having immigrant parents can be pretty cool. They do things like buy you a new car when you crash your first one within three months of owning it ("Everyone needs a car in LA, right?" "Uh, yeah mom... yes." But there are drawbacks. For example, my mother does not have the best grasp of English grammar. She'll say things like, "I'm boring," to indicate that she has nothing to do. So, when my mother says something like, "You're going to die," on the phone to me, I know she means "You're gonna kill yourself if you don't take better care of yourself." I love you too Mom.


I am enjoying routine.

There is something to be appreciated about getting up at the same time every day, working for eight hours, coming home to unwind and falling asleep like clockwork. After four years of college, it's a welcome change. Don't get me wrong; college frickin' ROCKED. But at some point midnight runs to Puzzles and drinking until five o'clock in the morning loses some of its luster.

I am cat-sitting for Ray, my good friend of a bajillion years. Frankie the cat is thirteen years old and reminds me of a dog who wants nothing more from life than a bowl of soft food and a pat on the head. He's a pretty awesome cat. Unfortunately, I've noticed that since I've started visting Frankie, Chess and Punchy are very uncomfortable around me. Chess refuses to climb onto my hand and Punchy, well, Punchy acts more like Punchy, which means she runs around in circles more and chews on her wheel more vigorously.
...I need to get real pets.

There is something very human about the need to make fire. It's a way of affirming that yes, we do belong at the top of the food chain. We were smarter than you so we get to eat you, HAHA. Sure, we've traded in tinder and flint for charcoal and lighter fluid, but the satisfaction of watching the flames catch is still strong. That is why I've put this hot little thing on my wish list.


Bits and pieces.

My strep throat has finally cleared, just in time for me to writhe in agony from my toothache. Yeah...guess who doesn't have dental coverage yet? My mouth and its peripheral body parts are betraying me! UCLA Human Resources has let me down!Arrrgh!

It's finally cooling down. You can really feel it in the evenings and early morning. It's a nice time to enjoy a mug of hot tea with a puzzle and hamster. Er, I meant loved one.
...No, I meant puzzle and hamster.

It's really hard! It's been sitting on my coffeetable for the past few weeks and I still haven't solved it yet. Arrrrrgh!



I was watching episodes of Buffy season one and was absolutely taken aback when I realized that it's been ten years since this show first aired. TEN YEARS!!! I was twelve years old ten years ago! And then, Mike G sent me this:

So (of course) I spent the next two hours on YouTube watching old clips of Spice Girls performances. Oh man, I loved the Spice Girls. Posh Spice was always my favorite. She's got this awesome sense of humor. I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want. I want girl power back.

A list of some other things I was obsessed with circa 1996.

Love at first sight with hot boy+Family Angst+"People screwing up my life, ugh why don't they just stop!"=Exacty how every twelve year old girl has ever felt. Baz Lurhman is very good at tapping into the pre-teen's psyche. Not only that, but it's love theme, "Kissing You" by Des'ree became my number one JAM that year.

The Macarena. I still perform it. You do too. Stop lying to your bad self.

Did anyone else own a pair of shiny pleather pants? I know I was not the only person sporting pleather pants. Or the pleather jacket. You know, the one with the matching waist-tie? We used to wear it with the knee high boots? Was that only me?
...Shut up.

This scary man inspired me to take up Irish dance. Man, in seventh grade I had calves of steel. OF STEEL.

Um.... there was lots more in my head when I was thinking "Hey, I should post about things I like from 1996!" Um, I'm still trying to remember them... what else was there? Hm....



File this one under "Why the hell didn't I think of this myself?!?"

I've been trying to get really good at folding paper cranes. I fold them at work during my breaks. I've been getting a lot of guff for it though. Folding cranes is a more obvious sign that you're not getting work done. More so than, say, surfing on the computer. At least, surfing on the computer can be hidden by bringing up minimized spread sheet or something. What can I do when caught folding cranes?

"Uh, I was.... working on improving office morale?"

So yeah, now there's a stack of cranes in my office, for anyone to pick up for their own desk. Come by and get one, if you'd like. It'll improve my morale to see you!