My ailments.

I went into work Wednesday and came home almost immediately because I had the shivers. NOT the shakes, the shivers. By the time I got home I also had the headaches and the sore throat. Yup, I had the flu. Spent the rest of the day trying to get warm, getting too warm, trying to cool down, getting too cool, rinse, repeat.

Then I ran out of meds. Ran out of Nyquil, ran out of Dayquil and ran out of Advil. I still had my motrin, but that's for my crampies and I still had my tylenol pm, but I didn't want to knock myself out. I might not wake up and drown in my own phlegm!

Oh yeah, the phlegm. When you have a phlegmy cough AND a sore throat, lemme tell you, that is some painful right there. I feared phlegm like I never feared phlegm before.

I was feeling pretty ok this morning, and was going to go into work, but then I got a bloody nose and started coughing up blood.

...So yeah, going to the doctor today.

Isn't this stuff supposed to happen in the winter?! You know, when people have nothing better to do but get sick?!?!


Apartment stuff, largely.

Hey guys, I am looking to trade my large rectangular dining table that seats four for a small round dining table that can seat three. WITH chairs. Help a sister out! I need to make some space in my itsy bitsy living area! If you've visited, you totally know what I mean.

Speaking of, my apartment is undergoing some major changes this summer. They've already taken out the fireplace and are going to replace the carpet with tile. My living room is going to have that eerily clammy, bathroom feel. Yummy.

Also, if anyone would like a Russian dwarf, please let me know.



I attended a very lovely bonfire this past weekend with the perpetually lively LCCers. We spent the day frolicking and barbecueing and all sorts of other fun things that end in -ing.

Here are pictures of some LCCers near and dear to my heart.

This is a pretty cool looking picture of Yumi, Simon, Me, Tru, Conroy and Jonathan. The moment appears much more classy than it actually was: Simon spent the entire time on Conroy's shoulders yelling, "My balls! My balls! Hurry up with the damn picture or they're going to rupture!" or something to that effect. And then Hoai ran up and jiggled Conroy's head, further infuriating Simon. It's OK though, Simon has the last laugh. He can do an ENGLISH ACCENT.

Yumi, Janet, Me, Hoai, Tru, Jonathan, Aki, Conroy and Simon making an awesome pyramid as the tide was coming in. There's only one thing missing from this pyramid:

Caroline got a little lost (OK, a lot lost) and so missed the pyramid building, but it's OK, because we saved her a spot right at the top! I feel this picture of Caroline kinda captures her reaction to LCC: slightly startled and apprehensive, but curious to see what these weirdos will do next.

What's next? This picture!

The obligatory mid-jump shot. Tru, Hoai, moi, Jonathan, Yumi et Simone. Janet was taking this picture, but she wanted in so we spent the next five minutes trying to replicate it. We couldn't though because Simon sucks at taking pictures.

Yay friendship!

Let's do this again!



This is what I've been a part of for the past year!

It's nice to be a tiny part of something that makes a big difference. For the first six months, I didn't even know what I was filing for. ("What are we filing for?!" "Cancer!" "When are we filing it?!" "NOW!") It's interesting that a job I started as a part time student kind of grew into a full time career position. And it's stuff I like! And it's stuff that matters! Although it does make it harder to slack off at work.

"Hm, help work towards a new cancer medication, or visit cuteoverload..."
Decisions, decisions.



When I first moved into my apartment, I didn't have my own copy of the house keys. As such, I spent many an hour tending to the bruises I got from jumping our stucco-ed balcony (I bruise very easily). When I had my keys made, I thought I'd never have to jump that damned balcony again.

So I think it's quite understandable that I would avoid going home for a few days when I accidently locked my keys inside my apartment. I mean, I could have been home easily if I had been willing to put up with climbing that balcony again. That goddamned balcony. I decided that it was summer's way of telling me to adventure, and try new things. So I did.

Much thanks to J-lo, Yumi and Robbie for housing me. Thanks to everyone who put up with me in the same clothes for two days (I actually couldn't do it...I ended up buying a new shirt because it bothered me so much). I have learned that Hedwig and the Angry Inch makes for beautiful watching, and I couldn't have watched it with a more appropriate couple (because botched sex change operations, soul searching rock ballads and tranny loving christians make me think of robbie and yumi). Thanks to Stan for beer and cherries and Project Runway watching (psst-I won't tell anyone!). So yeah....

Fuck you balcony.


OK, so the comment problem has been fixed: you can now comment on my blog! Feel free!



Weddings and stuff.

Eric and I attended his ex-girlfriend's wedding a while back. When he last had to attend a wedding, he took our other friend Lynn. He learned a lot from that wedding. You could see the experience he gained from that event from the instructions I was given: "Look cute and don't embarrass me."

Here I am almost ready to head out.

This is how happy we were to be stuck in traffic. The longer we were stuck in traffic, the longer we wouldn't have to be with strangers making small talk.

On our way there, Eric was telling me about how he fell out of touch with his high school friends. He wasn't really expecting to know anyone there (hence my presence there: better to be awkward in a social situation with someone you know than someone you don't).
...Yeah, everyone Eric knew from high school was there.

A mere fraction of them: Hoai, Eric, Jay, Lynn (the bride), Reid (the groom), Johnny, Mike

A good time was had by all.
I was going to post this yesterday, but it seemed to be missing something. And then it hit me. It was missing this:
(Chess in a ball.)

Ok, NOW i can post this entry.