I went home. I came back. I cleaned. Trains were involved. Oh, and my parent's home is apparently contested turf in a vicious gang war. So, same old, same old.

I love Youtube. However, I've mostly used it to look for clips of TV shows or celebrity interviews or really cute cats fighting. I've never locked onto a particular video contributor before. That was before I found clips of this man. His videos consist of anecdotes about his life told in ten minute one shots. In other words, his videos resemble every other video on Youtube.

So... what sets him apart from other Youtubers? He actually has something to say! I mean, the man has lived through wars! He's almost eighty years of history, but interesting and compelling and personal! Plus, mad props for attempting technology. My own parents have problems navigating the Favorites drop down menu. Check him out.

I got the hammies new tubs and tubes. Pictures to follow. Trust me, TOO cute.



There's this website that lets you know if you have unclaimed property in the state of California. Unfortunately, I have not misplaced ten million dollars in lost trust fund, as I had originally hoped. I entertained myself for an evening by looking for money for other people.

People I know who may have unclaimed property:
Christy "I ain't no bitch" Siojo
David "Soul of a 78 year old man, only more cantankerous" Lee
Alan "I have way better hair than my son" Jwo
Julia "Back in China-no, Australia-wait, no, Japan" Lam

.... um, and that's it. If it's yours, shame on you guys for leaving money just lying around. It could be put to good use! You know, extra cash for getting your friends nice things... like the really cute suede slouch ankle boots at DSW I had-I mean, that people might have had their eye on.

People I don't know but am really interested in and that's my own business goddammit who may have unclaimed property:
Joss "Slayed through the heart" Whedon=$184.06 and $1,326.00
Sarah "My career fell apart post-buffy" Gellar= $629.00 and $2,016.00
Angelina "Sometimes a vial of blood is just a vial of blood" Jolie:$602.83

I wish I had a witty ending for this post, but I don't. So, instead, I present to you Happy Cat:

Being loved makes him happy!


Hedgehog Preservation Society EXISTS.

There are so many thought-provokingly bizarre and awesome things in this article that I had to post it. Enjoy!