Some people are naturally good friends. They give off a warm, "call-me-anytime, do-you-need-a-shoulder-to-cry-on, mi-casa-es-su-casa" vibe. These people smile and you just know in your gut that everything will turn out alright, no matter what happens. A hug from a naturally good friend will do more good than thousands of dollars in therapy fees. These people are sweeter than pure cane sugar.

I am not a good friend.

I will forget to call you back. I won't reply to your emails for weeks. If you IM me while I'm away, I will not reply "What's up?" three hours later. I will make plans with you and flake. I will say I'm busy when you ask me to lunch and will instead do nothing but lay in bed rereading old paperbacks. I'm naturally solitary.

I borrow your clothes without asking. I eat your food without replacing it. I bend the pages of your books to mark my place. I forget to pay you the ten bucks you're owed. I keep your DVD for months before returning it to you. I covet your possessions. I see no point in saying please and I will forget to say thank you. I'm naturally selfish.

I have people in my life who are naturally good friends. I learn from them. It's hard, but I am trying. I make mistakes and they forgive me and help me get better, as naturally good friends tend to do. One day, I may be the Splenda of friends. Not all natural, but derived from the best, the purest. A substitute for the real thing.

Splenda tries too hard. The texture is all wrong, and so is the color, so it's twice as sweet to make up the difference. Instead of being more like the real thing, these extra efforts do nothing but make the differences more apparent. Sometimes I think I do the same. But, as some are willing to accept Splenda, so I hope others will come to accept me.

Obvious saccharine sweetness and all.

My goal for 2007.


Things I have been up to.

I've recently switched from coffee to red bull. Result? Still groggy, still grumpy, and now I've got a toothache. This is not working out for me. I just need my soy mocha latte no foam with room.

For some reason I've decided to be active in LCC again this quarter. I can't figure out what keeps drawing me back into all that stress and drama. Maybe it's because I now don't have midterms to distract me from putting on a good show. Come check it out November 17 and 18. More details to come.

I went to visit the La Brea tar pits. There are two things that I walked away with: a great appreciation for things that DO NOT smell like tar, and this cute purse:
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now the proud owner of a wooly mammoth PURSE. It easily goes from a handbag to a clutch (here shown in clutch form).

My two best friends who currently live up north are coming to visit this Veteran's Day Weekend W00t! I want to spend a day doing touristy stuff, and a day doing LA type stuff, but I'm finding it difficult to come up with ideas. The definitely doings include Disneyland. The maybes include Museum Row, Fashion District, and Abbot Kinney bar/lounge hopping. Any other suggestions?


What's up?

I have a huge painful pus filled zit inside the very edge inside my nostril. VERY painful.

That's the only thing going on in my life worth blogging about. I have a very monotonous lot in life.


It's very hard to anagram anagram.

I am having fun with this Anagram generator. Kimhouy Tong can be anagramed to My Tough Oink. Haha!


I'm listening to listener supported radio! At work!

I think that the work day would pass agonizingly slow if it weren't for KCRW. I used to subscribe to Yahoo's Launchcast and listen to the same twenty songs randomly chosen and shuffled by a computer.... Yeah, I almost drove myself crazy. But I don't do that to myself now. Instead, I get to listen to music lists that DJs put together old fashioned way, flipping through catalogs by hand, picking songs that flow from one thought to another with some lyrical logic. It's pretty frickin' SWEET. Highly recommended. However, I do also recommend donating to the subscriber supported radio station. Then, you can listen to great music by The Soliloquists of Sound, Ray Lamontagne, or The Kooks (Check out their single "Naive!") without guilt.


I went to D-land awhile back

Here is approximately two thirds of the Disneyland fun-time crew. We look happy! I really love these guys, and I'm glad that a lot of them got annual passes. Now I have lots of Disneyland fun-time friends. Btw, that guy straddling Conroy is NOT Tan Lam. He is pseudo-Tan (i.e. our now good friend Bao). We like him a lot. Also, Hoai and Jonathan have bad "tough guy" faces.

This is my friend Lydia. She was the only other girl there. We're very cute.

This is me and Lydia together. She made me angry. Kim blast!