Yay, Science!

I love biology. I love animals and plants and niches and seasons and evolution. Ooooh, evolution, I LOVE EVOLUTION. Mad Propz to Malthus and Darwin, among others, for figuring it out. Many thanks to the Discovery Channel for making the theory accessible. Thank you Big Daddy Knudsen for making it fun. Without these influences, I would never have autoclaved my own agar trays, I would never have cultivated my own bacteria, I would never have done an extended essay on "The presence of bacteria and its effect on kale plant growth."
...Without these influences, I probably would not be such a nerd.

Every once in awhile, in support of evolution, I will post links to articles that use this glorious theory to showcase nature in all its utterly complex glory. That said, here is the coolest non-beaver I've ever seen:

(Click on the picture to view article)

How cool is that? Pretty darn cool.


deepfrieddizzle said...

Your blog title sometimes looks like "asstastic"!!!

sasstastic said...

You know, I think so too, but sassparilla, sassquatch, sasserific and backsass were all taken. Although backsass probably would not be much of an improvement.

deepfrieddizzle said...

Come to think of it, the porn version of "My Sassy Girl" is probably titled, "My Assy Girl".

trickstergod said...

We could go one step further and start calling you "assASStic".

I'm going to do nothing but look at your butt the next time we meet.