New times, new blog.

I'm going through a period of change. As wonderfully as "kimmiesgotskills" served me for two years, I've realized that it's time for a blog that won't cause me to shamefacedly mumble its web address whenever I meet someone interested in reading it. I mean, give me some credit. I stood by this name for six years, I am no flighty blog-name-changer. I would just like to think that the person I was six years ago is very different from the person I am today. Rest assured, I still have skills. I'm just no longer so gauche as to advertise them to any Harry Joe Smith on the internet.

Surely, I am all at once a changed but familiar person. To truly encapsulate the changes that led me to who I am today, I present to you a recent picture of my hamster:

So thoughtful!


Staniel said...

Yay! Welcome to blogspot!

Anonymous said...

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