When in Fiji.

I told Mike and Dave about HufuTM today, and I was met with scoffing laughter.

"What a hoax."
"No, it's not!"

"How would they know what human meat tastes like, huh?"
"I don't know."

"You gullible child."
"...Your mom is gullible."

I didn't know how to answer some of their questions, because I hadn't visited the website in awhile, and even then, I didn't really look around too extensively. So, because I hate being wrong and not knowing things, I revisted the website. I also wanted to see if it was hoax-like, and it doesn't look like it is. It looks like a genuine business venture. They developed the taste "through painstaking research and excessive testing." They also credit someone named Hatawenka who has been "from the very beginning of the HufuTM project a guiding light and vital inspiration." I don't know about you, but this Hatawenka guy sounds like a reformed cannibal, so I'm guessing he guinea pigged for them and taste tested the HufuTM.

You know what? I am going to order me some HufuTM. I'm going to try it out and I'll report back with my findings. If it does turn out to be a hoax, and I am mailed a box that has nothing but the words "Made you look! Sicko!" written on it, then I will make sure to include that in my follow-up.

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

wow. kimmie that's scary. really scary! hufu!

i have no desire to know what human flesh even remotely tastes like! bleeecccchhh.