Hufu Update
It looks as though Hufu might not be legit. I paid for the human meat substitute via Paypal, but the money was returned to my account. Could this be a service error? Or were Mike and Dave actually right, and this was all a hoax? I'm going to try one last time before I concede to their cynicism.

Some nights I like to sleep on my couch. It's warmer in the living room, and quieter (I don't hear the tenants walking across our echoing courtyard at two in the morning from the couch). The best part of sleeping outside is waking up early and hearing my hamster get ready for bed. She sits and gathers her bedding of Tissues and shredded woodchips around her in this perfect circle of a mound. She gathers and pats and shreds until the pile of soft bedding is up to her ears (my hamster is puppy-sized, so this takes awhile). When she settles in for sleep, I can see her nodding off content, a job well done. Sometimes I wish life could be more hamster-like: they are happy eating, drinking, and it's ok if the most strenuous part of the day is going to sleep.


Rick said...

Keep trying with the hufu!

deepfrieddizzle said...

I ordered some HamFu off the internet!!!

sasstastic said...

By Ham, I hope you mean "hamburger" or "ham that used to be pig" and not "ham the length of my hand and uses ferret sized wheel due to her girth."