Hard at work.

I love to waste hours just surfing the net. Lately I've been looking at fun items on J-List . I like these in particular because you'd have no clue what they are if you just went by the items' appearance. Take the time to guess before clicking on the link:

I don't even use pencils anymore, but I would buy this because it's just that AWESOME.

My male readers are cupping their meat-and-two-veg right now.

File this under "I wish I was making this shit up."

But, you know, as weird as Japanese commercialism can get, they've got nothing on Americans. I mean, what other country would try to market the fecal matter of a spiritual entity?

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deepfrieddizzle said...

I noticed that there are some... Naughtier items on this website.

BTW, do you know where I can get a Daruma? I keep rolling them up in Katamari but I want a real one of my own.