Sassy Car Review: Yaris/Scion xA

I'm reviewing these two cars together because 1) They're both made by Toyota and 2) they have the same drive train, the same guts.

The Toyota Yaris was made for little people. I don't mean that in the, "clinically diagnosed with some form of dwarfism" little people. Just, you know, little. Like me. Usually when I sit in a car, I have to kind of perch on the edge so that my knee can bend over the edge of seat and I can reach the pedals. I didn't have to do that for this sedan.

This is bad if you happen to be taller than 5 feet, 2 inches.

The younger feeling Scion xA was a little roomier, but drove a little worse than the Yaris. This is probably because the xA is a bit bigger, a bit more spacious than its cousin. It made chocking noises as I accelerated into a turn. Also, despite the image that Toyota was going for this car, I don't think it looks or feels young and hip. It kinda looks like Quasi-turtle. I think this car was the least favorite of all the cars I test drove.

Except for the Aveo. Man, fuck that car.

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