Sassy Car Review: Aveo

Background: I rented a car for my fun-filled Holiday Weekend With the Bro. The agenda included Disneyland, The Grove, Ventura, Santa Barbara, and other assorted points of interest. I am in the market for a subcompact, so I thought that this was a good opportunity to test drive a small car.

I regret this decision now.

Anything that shakes at 60 mph and shudders when a Honda Civic zooms by is not a safe car. Especially if it is displaying all these symptoms with only 40 000 miles to its name. Also, the car would sound a loud CLUNK at the most inopportune times: for example, when I am changing lanes on 110-S in front of a semi. It would like driving the Little Car that Could, except it couldn't.

Don't buy a Chevy Aveo. Also, disown all and any family and friends who own a Chevy Aveo.

...Yeah, I'm not getting a Chevy Aveo. Piece of crap car.


CityHunter said...

chevy! CHEVY! I would choose Korean cars over American! ....I'm sorry about that outburst. I didn't mean it.

michael golamco said...

What's funny is that the aveo actually is a Korean car. It's made by Daewoo. They're brought here and rebadged as Chevrolets.