I have a lot of posts that are listed as drafts. They were never posted, for one reason or another. Going back and reading them gave me all sorts of weird feelings. I wonder what was going through my head at the times that the posts were started. I wonder why I stopped. I wonder if any of this is still important, relevant. A la the fragments of Sapphos, I am going to post them all here, in no particular order.

I really like "Paperback Writer," by The Beatles. It's got everything I need: a catchy tune I can dance to, a chorus that I can sing, and lyrics that appeal to the

My sister and I used to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn (i.e. five thirty in the morning) to watch this awesome cartoon "Sailor Moon." I think that was the only reason I made it to school every day on time- once KTLA stopped broadcasting the anime my attendance went to the pits.

Someone actually took the time to upload all 200 episodes of the Sailor Moon series (including the elusive fifth season, which was never dubbed for the American public, probably due to the three gender-bending special guest characters). I think I may have gotten up once to pee this entire weekend. Otherwise I

Someone asked me recently, "Kim, aren't you about due another relationship?" To which I replied, "There's a time schedule for this type of stuff?"

1. I will not wash your car. If you have given me rides in the past, I will be more than happy to help pay for gas. I will take it in for an oil change for you. I will even pay for the car wash, if it needs it. But I will not wash your car.

2. I will not babysit your children. I will throw the baby shower. I will buy cute little outfits that say cute little things like "Someday I'll get trashed at prom" or "Mother sucker." And if (god forbid) you can't have kids, I will bear the child for you. But I will not babysit your children.

Things I learned while in line for the Nintendo Wii at 3 o'clock in the morning:
  1. Even concrete is comfortable enough to sleep on after a busy day.

This Saturday I had the first Mentorship event of the year (yay!) the second LCC show of the fall quarter, and the LCC afterparty. I was on my feet for about 14 hours straight.

I think best friends were the most awesome thing ever invented. In high school, I had a really tight group of girls whom I absolutely loved.

Post about guy friends

One of my fondest memories of dear old mom is garage karaoke night. My parents had a karaoke system set up in our garage and, let me tell you, it was no passing fancy. Karaoke in our house was a passionate love affair complete with seranades and mood lighting. We have an impressive collection of Cambodian dvds and laser discs (yes, that's how long they've been doing the karaoke thing) and speakers are carefully arranged to give the karaoke-ist the full rock-out-loud-Khmer-style

I think I enjoy directing so much more than acting for the same reasons that I think I will enjoy parenting. I am a firm believer in the "do as I say, not as I do" school of thought.

People are not born dissatisfied.


YS said...

Sailor Moon, I loved Sailor Moon. My mom taped all the episodes in the morning so I could watch them in the afternoon. I owned Sailor Moon posters. I owned goddamn Sailor Moon BANDAIDS. I wore my hair in goddamn Sailor Moon style buns!

... Gosh, I feel like I'm twelve again. I'm going to go sign into an AOL Sailor Moon chatroom now...

sasstastic said...

Will you be the Amy to my Usagi?

YS said...

Oh, SHNAPS, you know the original Japanese names! We are going to be friends forever.

Fiiighting evil by moonlight...

RE: due time for relationships: pshawwwww. Pshaaawwww with a capital P.

sasstastic said...

I love you Yumes.

c said...

where is this wonderous place that you were able to download sailor moon?! omg, i think i still have my trading card collections somewhere in my room in stockton. those were the days, waking up at 5am to watch sailor moon on fox, and then actually getting ready for school when "bananas in pajamas" came on.

sasstastic said...

All 200 episodes are on Youtube. Also, I stuck around for the Bananas in Pajamas because you know, they came in pairs. And they came down stairs. And they chase teddy bears.