RIP Punchy

Before I left to start my day today, i noticed Punchy trying to escape her tub. I then noticed that she was getting awfully big, and made a note to escape proof her tub accordingly. In between getting dim sum and attending a lindy swing class, she managed to escape her tub and kill herself. I found her in my roommate's trashcan. I'm trying to figure out what happened. Did she fall in and die on impact? Did she eat something poisonous in the trashcan? Did she eat something poisonous, and then, in her reduced state, fall in the trashcan and die on impact?

I'm a little sad that Punchy is gone, but it's not Chess-sized sad. For one, I didn't own Punchy for as long-mere months. For another, Punchy was a biter. Of everything. Wood, fingers, plastic tubes. She drew blood on a regular basis. However, I am sad. I feel like the Era of the Hamster has come to a close. Gone are the plastic tubs, the colored tubes, the cut wood homes. I tossed all the aspen bedding, and the hamster balls. The apartment is a little bit more empty, a little bit more sterile.

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Kelvin said...

Well, you are asian, so no surprise on the karaoke thing. I am just wondering why it's in the garage and not the living room.