Weddings and stuff.

Eric and I attended his ex-girlfriend's wedding a while back. When he last had to attend a wedding, he took our other friend Lynn. He learned a lot from that wedding. You could see the experience he gained from that event from the instructions I was given: "Look cute and don't embarrass me."

Here I am almost ready to head out.

This is how happy we were to be stuck in traffic. The longer we were stuck in traffic, the longer we wouldn't have to be with strangers making small talk.

On our way there, Eric was telling me about how he fell out of touch with his high school friends. He wasn't really expecting to know anyone there (hence my presence there: better to be awkward in a social situation with someone you know than someone you don't).
...Yeah, everyone Eric knew from high school was there.

A mere fraction of them: Hoai, Eric, Jay, Lynn (the bride), Reid (the groom), Johnny, Mike

A good time was had by all.
I was going to post this yesterday, but it seemed to be missing something. And then it hit me. It was missing this:
(Chess in a ball.)

Ok, NOW i can post this entry.


deepfrieddizzle said...

Seeing that hamster in a ball makes me hungry.

sasstastic said...

She's a feisty one dude. You'll have to catch her first.

deepfrieddizzle said...

I would call it "Boil in the Ball" cuisine.