My ailments.

I went into work Wednesday and came home almost immediately because I had the shivers. NOT the shakes, the shivers. By the time I got home I also had the headaches and the sore throat. Yup, I had the flu. Spent the rest of the day trying to get warm, getting too warm, trying to cool down, getting too cool, rinse, repeat.

Then I ran out of meds. Ran out of Nyquil, ran out of Dayquil and ran out of Advil. I still had my motrin, but that's for my crampies and I still had my tylenol pm, but I didn't want to knock myself out. I might not wake up and drown in my own phlegm!

Oh yeah, the phlegm. When you have a phlegmy cough AND a sore throat, lemme tell you, that is some painful right there. I feared phlegm like I never feared phlegm before.

I was feeling pretty ok this morning, and was going to go into work, but then I got a bloody nose and started coughing up blood.

...So yeah, going to the doctor today.

Isn't this stuff supposed to happen in the winter?! You know, when people have nothing better to do but get sick?!?!


c said...

my goodness, kimmie! please take care of yourself! fluids fluids fluids. and blow your nose. :)

c said...

and it's fine that you link me :)

YS said...

I send you telepathic bundles of physical well-being!

kelvin said...

Cough drops... lots of it.

No, it doesn't cure you but it buys time for your throat to recover.

sasstastic said...

Dude, I tried these Halls Supermax throat lozenges, and they paralyzed my mouth!