Apartment stuff, largely.

Hey guys, I am looking to trade my large rectangular dining table that seats four for a small round dining table that can seat three. WITH chairs. Help a sister out! I need to make some space in my itsy bitsy living area! If you've visited, you totally know what I mean.

Speaking of, my apartment is undergoing some major changes this summer. They've already taken out the fireplace and are going to replace the carpet with tile. My living room is going to have that eerily clammy, bathroom feel. Yummy.

Also, if anyone would like a Russian dwarf, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

What, no hammy photo?

sasstastic said...

Yeah, sorry anonymous. However, I can guarantee that she is in no way shape or form a fugly hamster.

c said...

i changed the website of my blog:


yeah you know you like it.

kelvin said...

You are asian. You should like tiles. Carpets are dirty!