Things I have been up to.

I've recently switched from coffee to red bull. Result? Still groggy, still grumpy, and now I've got a toothache. This is not working out for me. I just need my soy mocha latte no foam with room.

For some reason I've decided to be active in LCC again this quarter. I can't figure out what keeps drawing me back into all that stress and drama. Maybe it's because I now don't have midterms to distract me from putting on a good show. Come check it out November 17 and 18. More details to come.

I went to visit the La Brea tar pits. There are two things that I walked away with: a great appreciation for things that DO NOT smell like tar, and this cute purse:
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am now the proud owner of a wooly mammoth PURSE. It easily goes from a handbag to a clutch (here shown in clutch form).

My two best friends who currently live up north are coming to visit this Veteran's Day Weekend W00t! I want to spend a day doing touristy stuff, and a day doing LA type stuff, but I'm finding it difficult to come up with ideas. The definitely doings include Disneyland. The maybes include Museum Row, Fashion District, and Abbot Kinney bar/lounge hopping. Any other suggestions?


you me said...

What about the cheesy Hollywood Walk of Fame stuff? I haven't done that since I was a kid. I kind of want to do it again when I come back to the States (since lord knows what country I'll be in after I graduate.)

I love downtown LA, it's very quintessentially LA: Chinatown, Little Tokyo, the MOCA. Plus, somewhere in not-downtown (I forget exactly where) there's the Museum of Jurassic Technology, a very quirky little nook that's just hard to describe but worth experiencing.

deepfrieddizzle said...

If I remember correctly, the Museum of Jurassic Tech is right by downtown Culver City.

I remember walking around down there when I spied a small frog wearing a driving cap and a monocle. "Come come," he said, "If you don't hurry the tea will chill." Then he hopped into a tiny Model A Ford and drove through a tiny doggie door in the museum's front facade.

c said...

that purse is fantastic and i might just steal it from you when i see you in a week and one day!

i'm going nuts. all i can think about is disneyland. everyone here is extremely jealous that we are having lunch with the princesses, since they're all going to disneyland the next weekend and will NOT be having lunch with the princesses. dude we could do nothing else but disneyland all day saturday and i would be perfectly content with life.

you know what we should do? we should go back to that pho place we went to two years ago and have SEVEN COURSES OF BEEF! or not. :)

sasstastic said...

These are all very good ideas. MJT may be too kooky for a whirlwind tour of the LA greats. Although based on these descriptions I will definitely have to venture out there myself.