I went to D-land awhile back

Here is approximately two thirds of the Disneyland fun-time crew. We look happy! I really love these guys, and I'm glad that a lot of them got annual passes. Now I have lots of Disneyland fun-time friends. Btw, that guy straddling Conroy is NOT Tan Lam. He is pseudo-Tan (i.e. our now good friend Bao). We like him a lot. Also, Hoai and Jonathan have bad "tough guy" faces.

This is my friend Lydia. She was the only other girl there. We're very cute.

This is me and Lydia together. She made me angry. Kim blast!


you me said...

I really thought that was Tan!!! Darn, darn.

Looks like y'alls had lots and lots of D-land fun! LCC sure needs more gal representation.

sasstastic said...

I know! He's like, Tan v 2.0. We miss you and hope you don't catch any dirty Asian diseases! Like um, poverty.

you me said...

Or cheapskateness.

... Oh, shit!