I am enjoying routine.

There is something to be appreciated about getting up at the same time every day, working for eight hours, coming home to unwind and falling asleep like clockwork. After four years of college, it's a welcome change. Don't get me wrong; college frickin' ROCKED. But at some point midnight runs to Puzzles and drinking until five o'clock in the morning loses some of its luster.

I am cat-sitting for Ray, my good friend of a bajillion years. Frankie the cat is thirteen years old and reminds me of a dog who wants nothing more from life than a bowl of soft food and a pat on the head. He's a pretty awesome cat. Unfortunately, I've noticed that since I've started visting Frankie, Chess and Punchy are very uncomfortable around me. Chess refuses to climb onto my hand and Punchy, well, Punchy acts more like Punchy, which means she runs around in circles more and chews on her wheel more vigorously.
...I need to get real pets.

There is something very human about the need to make fire. It's a way of affirming that yes, we do belong at the top of the food chain. We were smarter than you so we get to eat you, HAHA. Sure, we've traded in tinder and flint for charcoal and lighter fluid, but the satisfaction of watching the flames catch is still strong. That is why I've put this hot little thing on my wish list.


Simon said...

why get that sparker when you can harness the power of lasers to create fire?

The most powerful one can be seen 100s of miles away and light things on fire and cut things like plastic. Oh the possibilities, my mind is racing.

sasstastic said...

I have no respect for them because they misspelled "wield." I before E, my friend.

Simon said...

... says the girl who misspelled "visiting".

sasstastic said...

See me as I say, not as I do!
...I am 6'3" and have a Nobel Prize for condensing the history of the world into a haiku.

c said...

girl, i have that movie on dvd!