I was watching episodes of Buffy season one and was absolutely taken aback when I realized that it's been ten years since this show first aired. TEN YEARS!!! I was twelve years old ten years ago! And then, Mike G sent me this:

So (of course) I spent the next two hours on YouTube watching old clips of Spice Girls performances. Oh man, I loved the Spice Girls. Posh Spice was always my favorite. She's got this awesome sense of humor. I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want. I want girl power back.

A list of some other things I was obsessed with circa 1996.

Love at first sight with hot boy+Family Angst+"People screwing up my life, ugh why don't they just stop!"=Exacty how every twelve year old girl has ever felt. Baz Lurhman is very good at tapping into the pre-teen's psyche. Not only that, but it's love theme, "Kissing You" by Des'ree became my number one JAM that year.

The Macarena. I still perform it. You do too. Stop lying to your bad self.

Did anyone else own a pair of shiny pleather pants? I know I was not the only person sporting pleather pants. Or the pleather jacket. You know, the one with the matching waist-tie? We used to wear it with the knee high boots? Was that only me?
...Shut up.

This scary man inspired me to take up Irish dance. Man, in seventh grade I had calves of steel. OF STEEL.

Um.... there was lots more in my head when I was thinking "Hey, I should post about things I like from 1996!" Um, I'm still trying to remember them... what else was there? Hm....


Simon said...

the nintendo 64 was released in 1996! Oh the memories of triumphs... mario kart 64, smash bros, goldeneye, mario tennis...

Bees! 5 to 1! They'll take over!

you me said...

Dressing up as Spice Girls for LCC Banquet? Priceless. Albeit, I still need to find another use for my furry white porn-star boots...

c said...

that video of posh and becks and ali g is fantastic.

deepfrieddizzle said...

In 1996 I wasn't as awesome as I am now.

1996 sucks.

you me said...

P.S. That reminds me, just yesterday I was watching a talent show at one of the residence halls and an acapella group did a rendition of that "So tell me what you want, what you really really want" song. Imagine, a bunch of Singaporeans singing the Spice Girls. That was kind of trippy.

sasstastic said...

Simon: Dude, I keep telling you, numbers do not equal superiority. If that were true, China would pwn us by now.

ys: Furry white porn boots are ALWAYS in. Wear them to the supermarket, or to the gym! They're so versatile!

c: You think that video is fantastic because it combines both side of you: the ghetto and the fabulous. What?! That's right, I went there.