Bits and pieces.

My strep throat has finally cleared, just in time for me to writhe in agony from my toothache. Yeah...guess who doesn't have dental coverage yet? My mouth and its peripheral body parts are betraying me! UCLA Human Resources has let me down!Arrrgh!

It's finally cooling down. You can really feel it in the evenings and early morning. It's a nice time to enjoy a mug of hot tea with a puzzle and hamster. Er, I meant loved one.
...No, I meant puzzle and hamster.

It's really hard! It's been sitting on my coffeetable for the past few weeks and I still haven't solved it yet. Arrrrrgh!


Simon said...

hey that reminds me, did you ever find a home for your other hamster?

sasstastic said...

I actually HAVEN'T yet. A certain someone bought a parrot instead and so the cute baby dwarf hamster is still up for grabs. You interested?

Simon said...

No thanks, for various reasons. I was just hoping the cute thing had found a home, that's all.