My rep.

I recently found out that I have a reputation. It's not even a cool reputation, like "Girl who kicks most ass in a bar fight," or a scandalous one like "Most likely to have crazy make outs while drunk."

I have a "Hates to have people touching her" reputation.

I'm not quite sure if I should be insulted or flattered. If anything, I'm confused because it's somewhat erroneous. It's a title given to me by a very friendly, very physical asian american theatre group. I'm think that their social behavior is not indicative of the majority of the American population (and it's certainly not indictive of the majority of Asian Americans... it might be indicative of the majority of theatre people though. Those people are FRIENDLY). I really don't think there's any merit to what they're saying.

I love people! I'm very friendly! I love hugs and noogies. Yeah, I weird out when people try to give me massages, or when they try to touch my hands, or if they try to hug me without giving me prior notice. And man, I hate tickling. HATE IT. I will deck anyone who tries to tickle me.

...I may have a slight problem with comfort zones.

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