Things keeping me from focusing on my pending Psych 110 Final (t-minus twelve hours):
1. Chess. Owning a hamster is too much fun! We frolicked on my bed and I gave her a new toy. It's a Nut Knot Nibbler; basically it's a tangle of mini-Lincoln Logs with a nut in the middle. She's supposed to chew through to get to the nut. I figured she needs to start working to get to her food (girl is going from PHAT to FAT), but she took one look at the Nibbler and walked straight for her food bowl. Curses, foiled again!

2. Seanbaby.com. I'm not linking this because I want to save you from my fate. Damn you Mike Golamco! Damn you and your random facts about Hostess fruit pies! Damn you for telling me about this during Finals Week! ARRRRGH!!!! Too...entertaining.... Must... close... browser.......

3. Carol. I haven't seen said roommate in about two months (excluding the show, which she always faithfully attends), so we're catching up BIG TIME. Of course, this involves plenty of talking and eating and tea-making and Friends reruns watching.

4. My apartment. What with the rehearsals, the show, banquets, beach day, work, and finals studying, the past few weeks has me coming into my apartment just to change and drop shit off. I took a good look at my place today and saw the biggest mess my apartment has ever been in since the last time Eric visited. (He's a pig.) My fingers ITCHED. I really, really, REALLY wanted to clean the apartment. I humored myself by doing laundry and going through my loose papers (you know, to throw away the unimportant stuff such as old receipts, bruinwalk flyers, the communist manifesto).

5. This blog. It never fails. Any time I have a deadline or an exam, I find myself doing this exhaustive posts that probably no one will read all the way through just because I can't seem to bring myself to do what I need to do.
Um, yeah. I uh, I should go study for that final, huh?

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