The Other Shoe

Over the past ten years or so, I have had maybe 50 Lost Wallet scares.  I've never actually lost my wallet until now.  

As losing wallets go, it wasn't too bad.  It was after a long and full day of pedicures, shopping and farmer's market lunching.  I am relieved that I no longer carry my green card in my wallet- that could have potentially been disastrous.  I am relieved that I did not have my social security card on me- that could have really screwed up my plans for the immediate future.  I canceled my debit card and my one credit card within thirty minutes of its loss, so no identity theft or card fraud.  All I really lost were my two student ID cards (for which I would have had no use after December 14) and about $45 in cash.  Even the cash thing didn't bother me too bad.  Probably because I had accidentally parked my car an hour past the time we paid for on the Venice meters and we didn't get a ticket (practically impossible, especially on Sunday Farmer's Market).  

Besides, I was in too good a mood.  You would be too if you spent part of your day doing this: 


YS said...

Henna or real? In any case, absolutely gorgeous.

Let's chat suh-suh-soooooon.

sasstastic said...

So totally henna, so totally wish it were real. I want ink SO bad. I miss you a lot! We have lots to talk about Miss Thang.