Up in the Stock-TOWN.

I am currently in my hometown. I am sitting in the coffee shop that I used to hang out at with my high school friends. I don't order white chocolate mochas anymore- instead I'm sipping on a soy latte. I don't sit around gossiping with the gals anymore- instead I'm sitting in a corner, updating my blog:
The old hangout.

The rest of the trip has been pretty good so far. Check it out:

On I-5 we passed a bus that was converted by a hippie. You could tell because the driver had long hair and was rebelling against the structured, and tragically flawed education system by christening his ride the "Fool Bus."

My cousin's new shirt is cool. He got it as a present. Guess who gave it to him?!

About half of the family went bowling. The scores ranged from 14-150. High score belongs to Roznee, second from the left. She kinda owned.

The family is captivated by High School Musical.
A group of high school kids just walked into the cafe and ordered a round of white chocolate mochas. It feels very appropriate.

More to come.


c said...

oh, stockton. oh, java. oh, home.

i'm not home yet, my dad's totally lame. wanna hear something lamer? there have been 3 earthquakes here in the last couple of days. i'm freakin' out a bit. i wanna be in flat-ass stockton already.

never thought i'd say that.

sasstastic said...

You know, flat-ass stockton has its ups and downs (haha)- I appreciate this town's propensity to completely not shake the streets and induce bowel-tightening terror.

deepfrieddizzle said...

I will watch High School Musical 1000 times and then challenge you to the High School Musical Game. The loser must wear a Poo Hat for a week! What say you?

sasstastic said...

I call your Poo hat and raise you Poo and Pee stuffed animals!

Anonymous said...

cool thats me in durr

Anonymous said...

cool thats me

Anonymous said...

cool thts me arlene