I like the mac/pc ads.

I like that they match Apple in how very crisp, clean and to the point they are with content and intent. That, and I like that the hip, young guy they hired to represent hip, young Mac is best known for a role in which he is a nerd. And second best known for a role in which he is a big nerd.

However, I realized that I don't use any of the iLife features that are touted so prominently in these ads. I was neglecting the very things that apparently make Macs so young and hip. But, hey! I'm young and hip! I should totally be using these applications!

So I am teaching myself to use iMovie and stuff. I'll post results here as I try to prove that I'm still "with it." And "down with the times." And, um, well, you know. All the other jargon we tragically cool use.

...I'm a bigger nerd than Justin Long.


Randy said...

I like the mac/pc ads too, although I don't think their very effective in the sense that the pc is way too likable. Whenever I watch, I'm like "ohhhhhh, poor PC. Never mind that popular Mac. I'll buy you!" John Hodgeman rocks.

Simon said...

Although I like the mac ads, i've grown tired of them, because they're kinda downplaying macs. Instead of the focus of these commercials being on macs and how many interesting and unique features they have (as they have a good number), the focus of the ads is instead to bash windows. And most of the allegations against windows aren't even true! They're cool! They're hip! They're trendy! They come with video editing software!

Especially now, what with windows vista coming out.

sasstastic said...

See, I like that the focus of the ads really emphasizes that the pc and the mac are friends, despite their differences. They're good in different ways, and they can accept that and get along. I think the ads do focus on the good things that macs have-it's just that pc is SO engaging and has the BEST lines, it sticks in your mind more.

Good for you for sticking up for pc though (especially since you own a mac).

Simon said...

what can i say? I own both.