There's this website that lets you know if you have unclaimed property in the state of California. Unfortunately, I have not misplaced ten million dollars in lost trust fund, as I had originally hoped. I entertained myself for an evening by looking for money for other people.

People I know who may have unclaimed property:
Christy "I ain't no bitch" Siojo
David "Soul of a 78 year old man, only more cantankerous" Lee
Alan "I have way better hair than my son" Jwo
Julia "Back in China-no, Australia-wait, no, Japan" Lam

.... um, and that's it. If it's yours, shame on you guys for leaving money just lying around. It could be put to good use! You know, extra cash for getting your friends nice things... like the really cute suede slouch ankle boots at DSW I had-I mean, that people might have had their eye on.

People I don't know but am really interested in and that's my own business goddammit who may have unclaimed property:
Joss "Slayed through the heart" Whedon=$184.06 and $1,326.00
Sarah "My career fell apart post-buffy" Gellar= $629.00 and $2,016.00
Angelina "Sometimes a vial of blood is just a vial of blood" Jolie:$602.83

I wish I had a witty ending for this post, but I don't. So, instead, I present to you Happy Cat:

Being loved makes him happy!


Staniel Phamstein said...

Joss is writing "Runaways" next. The series you so quickly turned your nose up at.

sasstastic said...

I had heard from a certain nerd that this was so. I am looking forward to seeing the characters lose their powers as a metaphor for a teenager's loss of innocence.

AND I didn't turn my nose up at Runaways. I thoroughly enjoyed the first story arc. Don't you put words in my mouth! I mean, blog! I mean, whatever!

Simon said...

my dad has almost 90 bucks unclaimed! Holy crap! I had better get him on that.

Anonymous said...

that is so freaking cute that i might puke. - jlo
lol. :) miss u kimmie :)

sasstastic said...

Simon- yeah, i've discovered that most of my friends aren't at the point where they're leaving dollars lying around willy nilly. Try other assorted relatives. They'll remember it next time they send birthday money.

Jello- You puking is WAY cuter than Happy Cat!

deepfrieddizzle said...

I wish I had a giant hand to scratch my neck.

SP said...

Where is the Stockton update?

sasstastic said...

The stockton update is pending my recovery from the experience. In time, in time.

c said...

hey foo, you shut your face :P

but seriously though, that money's from like when i was born. and you have to provide proof that i lived at whatever address is attached to the money. since my parents lived at the ben holt place before i was born.....yeah, i don't really have proof that i lived there. oh well.