I went home. I came back. I cleaned. Trains were involved. Oh, and my parent's home is apparently contested turf in a vicious gang war. So, same old, same old.

I love Youtube. However, I've mostly used it to look for clips of TV shows or celebrity interviews or really cute cats fighting. I've never locked onto a particular video contributor before. That was before I found clips of this man. His videos consist of anecdotes about his life told in ten minute one shots. In other words, his videos resemble every other video on Youtube.

So... what sets him apart from other Youtubers? He actually has something to say! I mean, the man has lived through wars! He's almost eighty years of history, but interesting and compelling and personal! Plus, mad props for attempting technology. My own parents have problems navigating the Favorites drop down menu. Check him out.

I got the hammies new tubs and tubes. Pictures to follow. Trust me, TOO cute.

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c said...

speaking of your parents' house being contested turf in a vicious gang war.......

did you know that there are at least 96 established gangs in stockton? and out of all of the 352 cities in california, with 1 being the safest and 352 being the unsafest, stockton is 349?! naturally compton is 352. but we beat oakland, and los angeles, and inglewood, and everywhere else except for compton, oroville, and desert hot springs.

dude, we are so gangsta. i don't think we really understood the depth to which our gangsta runneth.