It's 5:14 AM. Do you know where your children are?

If your name is either Horn Tong or Sang Say, then your daughter is sitting at a Peet's coffeehouse updating her blog.  

Why?  Well, after studying at Denny's for the past two hours, a change of pace (and consumption) seemed nice.  Not that I saw much of the decor inside the restaurant.  I was busy reading for my physiology exam. 

I have slept an average of three hours a night these past few weeks.  I'm exhausted, run down, and only a quarter of the way through this semester.  But I look at the flashcard in my hand- this particular one details the mechanisms of an aquaporin channel- and, well, I feel pretty darn good.  I think one day I will probably get tired of all this book learnin'.  But not today, and not right now.  I just don't have the time to get exhausted.  (In a good way!  It's hard to be all eloquent and clever at this time on this little sleep.)  


Sara said...

Good luck on your exam! :)

Samir said...

Denny's is where all the C- students study. Always go to coffee places. Even sitting there pretending to write apparently helps people pass classes.