When did I decide I needed to make some changes in my life?  The day I achieved this: 

My current high score on Bejeweled.  It took me over forty minutes before I was given the "No More Moves" sign, and this was only after implementing a technique I had perfected through hours- nay, DAYS of intense mental strain (slash trial and error).  

It's not just Bejeweled either.  I have discovered that I'm addicted to Escape-the-Room Games.  I am really good at finding stars, solving puzzles, and earning meat.  I, an early bird, have gone past night owl status into vampire territory because I stay up until 7 am defending my towers.  My mind is affected- I feel like an intellectual sloth, incapable of doing anything other than the basic point and click.  I had goals for this winter break, and I achieved so few of them.  

Truly, it is time to take Bedazzled's advice, and declare No More Moves for Kimmie!  I am declaring an internet curfew of 10 pm in a bid to return to my 7 am mornings.  I will be sharp, productive, quick on my feet.  

Crud, it's already 10: 41.


Christy said...

Kimhouy Tong.

I am now officially addicted to this star-finding game. I don't even know WTF the point is. But I'm addicted. So if I don't finish my legal research and writing paper, it's all your fault.

sasstastic said...

Mwu ha ha. I apologize in advance for ruining your future.