New Courses.

There were days in high school where I didn't eat food, because I felt physically full from reading a really good case study for history class, or from a lively discussion in TOK. I wondered if I would always be that hungry for information.

College was that drowsy feeling you get after Thanksgiving dinner- I really shouldn't have taken that second language course, maybe that double major was a bad idea. I could only regurgitate so much for tests before I grew sick of it. I graduated with a B.A. in Psychology and scholastic indigestion.

It took me about a year to recover from sixteen rigorous years of academics, but I finally have that feeling again- the starving need to sit down in a lecture and just consume everything presented to me. Knowledge is, again, something to be seasoned, savored, devoured.


kelvinkao said...

Kimmie, reading shouldn't make you full. Food and eating is what makes you full.

You have so much to learn from Winston.

michael golamco said...

I like book learnin