Yahoo Music is Racist.

I mean it! I use Yahoo to stream music while I'm at work, and I can rate music to determine what songs my "personalized radio station" will play for me. I've been enjoying my Nina Simone, my Eric Clapton, my Jamiroquai. I'm filing away with Hendrix killing it in the background. All of a sudden, what? Who the hell is this fool?

Anyone ever heard of Notorious MSG? Apparently he has mastered such hits as "Dim Sum Girl" and "Egg Rollin." How do I know? Because Yahoo felt it necessary to play for me not one track but TWO songs from this guy within an hour. An hour! What logarithm deduced that because i enjoy Fleetwood Mac I must also find this desperate culture exploiter a good listen? Is it because my last name is some sort of Asian? Do people who normally listen to feel good tunes from the sixties and seventies also enjoy enlightening lyrics such as "hong kong fever the son of sam/try to catch me if you can/i killed ten people with a frying pan."

This is some sort of crock, a crock I say!


Hahn said...

try pandora.com

Lydia said...

dude that's crazy...