Religious stakes.

"I call your Virgin-Mary-burned-into-a-slice-of-toast and raise you a koranic-verse-embedded-in-tuna-scales."

As a passively amused (and Buddhist) observer, I often have many questions for my God-loving friends. Why do they love him so much? How does He improve their day-to-day lives? And why does he keep leaving signs of himself all over the place? Is he trying to teach his flock about everyday miracles, or is he just a lazy deity who won't pick up after himself and thus leaves vaguely religious residue all over the place? Maybe he's too lazy to do real miracles, like making the earth stand still. I can't blame the guy. After millennia in the same profession, he's bound to want to slack off a bit. I think maybe I'm thinking about this too much like a Buddhist.

...God needs a vacation.

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